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Peterborough Plating Company Limited (PPC) have been specialists in Technical Precision Anodising and Metal Finishing since 1977.

Welcome to Peterborough Plating Company (PPC), we are one of the largest metal plating specialists in the UK. Established in 1977, PPC has been a leader in anodising and metal finishing. Always working to the highest standards of quality and service, our success is underpinned by our uncompromising attitude to meeting our customer’s needs.

PPC delivers technical precision anodising and metal finishing. Our services include Rohs compliant Surtec 650, Alocrom 1000 & 1200, Glass Bead Blasting, PTFe Coating and for Mild Steel Nickel plating, but by far the largest area in which it deals is anodising, an electro-chemical process which converts the surface of aluminium to a film of Aluminium Oxide. The purpose is either to produce a protective/electrically insulated coating to enhance corrosion resistance or to provide a base of coloured dyeing of the metal. Hard anodising is a similar process but one which uses different temperatures and process times to produce harder and deeper anodic films.

To find out more about our company please spend some time reviewing the information on our website or give us a call on 01733 233 250.

Built on experience

PPC was established in 1977 and has long since been a leader in it's field. The family run business was acquired by the present owner in 1986, who had already had extensive experience in the metal finishing industry, he continues to apply his knowledge and expertise to evolve the business to it's dominant position in the surface finishing market today.

Customer satisfaction

A particular source of pride to PPC is its prompt attention to quick turnarounds. High degrees of customer satisfaction are based upon quality, speed of turnaround and PPC'c excellent reputation for keeping promises. PPC's dedication to never breaking its promises to valued customers is reflected in the fact that year on year it continues to see steady growth in sales.

Premium service

This service is available for extremely urgent customer requirements. We aim to turn your work around in 4 hours. Conditions and charges apply. Please contact Kris or Ross to Discuss.

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